Yale’s following all the rage of medicine by giving an iPad 2 to every med-school student. The trend: tablets replacing paper charts and records, MacWorld reports.
“We recognized that we were spending a lot of money on curriculum materials that our students were not always using and that the format of the materials was not the most conducive for learning,” says Michael Schwartz, assistant dean for curriculum at Yale School of Medicine, in a press release. “We had a lot of of paper that had to be recycled, which was expensive and not very green, so we started wondering if there was a better way to do this.
The iPads will come preloaded with the entire Yale medical curriculum for first- and second-year students while third- and fourth-year students get iPads with information regarding their individual specialties.

The cost for each iPad 2 with keyboard and apps is about $900, slightly less than what was spent on paper materials (just look how high these papers stack) for each student in the first two years, according to the release.